Inspired Inspiration – Piano Guys

My First Post

.. has to be about Piano Guys! I am totally entertained.

My first question asked, “Are they going to do the one direction – That’s what makes you beautiful.”

The videos are amazing. How are they going to be on stage? Will the stage be too big for them? Seriously, NOT AT ALL. Their music filled the STAR Theaters. Just the 2 of them and the crowd was entertained by their jokes, esp to have Cellist in the Piano Guys channel …

Steven Sharp Nelson’s fav comment
“For a guy that doesn’t know what instrument he is playing, he is really good,”

and their up and coming mash upsDon’t worry be happy WITH Phantom of the OPERA.

As a musician, this is what playing an instrument (or MIDI instrument) means
1. From Jon, knowing your foundation. Trained in classical music, he knows his parts and inner melodies well.
2. From Steven, knowing your instruments and many other ways to play that instrument. Banging, swishing, wiping, looping
3. Most important, Enjoy each other’s company. Bring ideas to the table and laughing at it.  Every moment spent w creating it.

I don’t know how many musicians I’ve seen doing 1 & 2, losing 3. Or such sadness to play with them. That at times, I have imagine myself being in a better place to play happy music with them. When you lose the joy in playing together, you lose everything

Yet, if you have them all … miracles happen. tears fall. hearts changed. people are inspired.

This is my fav Bring Him Home.
That’s prayer put with melody is called music.

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