Dancing in the rain

After days of working on lyrics (impossible-to-think-of verse 3) and harmonies, we finally recorded our vocals. We were a little disorientated in the beginning, but we managed to get our little space set up. *I think* George would have been really proud of us. Managed to use the tube microphone. We are silly-and-smart kind *Hee!*

All the lessons on types of microphones to the levels, how to records .. it came together. Yes, it’s hard work learning, understanding, memorizing. But when everything fits together .. it’s amazing.

what can i say? I am grateful to have vocal recorded Natalie and Travis. They are the most fun bunch. We laugh at seagulls, to our strange diction of words “maybe? baby?”. Wait is it  “eats you?” or “it’s you?”. I am blessed to have them to learn, make mistakes, to grow with. :0)

Learning is a beautiful process, an experience on its own.
Enjoying learning, that’s the best gift you can give to yourself.
I’m leaving you with this quote…


so dance

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