of a bittersweet september

this post is a tribute to the victims of the sept,11 crash and their family members and love ones that they left behind.

I remember visiting the site 4 or 5 years after the crash. Then, plans have been made for the memorial site. I could not tell if it was under-going constructions or just clearing debris.

Everything feels different.

The air is still, almost stately. People move with such stillness. The site is still littered with flowers and cards, with love and memories. It is always tough being the ones that are left behind. Memories are gifts and a curse.

The land feels sad.

These thoughts ran thru my mind…
What are we fighting for?
Who do we fight?
How do we fight?

Answer is clear.
If we have to fight, fight for justice. fight for lasting peace. Not the temporary peace that we achieve by killing a brother, only to find his son coming to claim our lives.
Who do we fight? Fight ourselves, fight self-pity, fight self-doubt
How do we fight? Fight to be the most loving person. Compete to do good.

Then, this world can be a better place.

Since you are reading this blog, I’ll let you on this secret. 
My birthday wish is still WORLD PEACE. My friend asked if I left sad that my birthday wish wasn’t answered. Well, I chose to believe that my birthday wish has been answered. Without it, the world might be worst of place. 

For peace and love


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