What is your THEME SONG?

I saw the news updates from Jim Brickman. He posted an interesting question, ” What is your theme song?”

There might not be just one song that symbolizes a person. At different stages of life, there is always a change of song. For me, the song now is Gabriel Faure’s Pavane. If you haven’t hear it yet. This is it

OF COURSE, as a songwriter/arranger/composer, I would want to write a theme song of my life. At least to mark this moment. Interestingly, there are similarities in song writing and life.

There are several steps in producing a song. There is the (1) melody/lyrics overview, (2) going into the details of chords, (3) arranging which instruments to play and (4) mixing.

All these are similar to life.
We make plans and going into the details and milestones that we set ourselves. We arrange our lives to achieve what we set out. We weight out priorities and we spend our time doing stuff.

I think the most important thing, at the end, for both life and producing a song is just SHARING IT. Sharing our lives with the people around us. We come a gift to the people around us.

May we be a gift to all.

If you had a theme song, what would it be? 

If you do hear that melody, YOUR THEME SONG, just one moment there,
write it.
chart it.
arrange it.
mix it.

… most importantly, share it.



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