good and perfect

Of late, I have been placed in a situation whereby things are not good enough. Work is not perfect. I am pretty sure that we have all been in such a situation. We come out with analyze situations and check variables to come out with a fool proof plan. Only to realize that we are fools.

Only fools believed that their plans are fool-proof.

Especially true for people who create their craft. Each piece needs to be perfect. Balance between precision and beauty. After all, each piece represents the artist themselves. We share that part of our lives with others. Now, think again. What is good and perfect? Who came out with it?

Is it a way that we write?
A change of a chord?
A drop of blue to the teal that was mixed?
What is the benchmark for good? Then, how much more to reach perfect?

If Good and Perfect are subjective.
Then, what is objective?
My thoughts, Sincerity.

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