Sunny Singapore

I read something interest article by the Rock Publicity on Social Media in Singapore. Singapore is one of the leading country in Asia in terms of Social Media. 4/5 of Singaporeans have access to the internet in their home. And, on average Singaporeans spend 103.6 hrs online per month. This makes Singaporeans one of the heaviest users not just in Asia, but in the world as well.

The survey was done on companies and individuals. Some really interesting stuff that pops out..

Singaporeans social media users who said they access Facebook or Twitter at least once a month while on the toilet.

surveryed people who said they’d “stalked” someone of Facebook in order to find out more information about them.

is the weight of ink and paper if every tweet by Singaporeans on Twitter in 2012 were to be printed out. That equates to approximately”
3 fully-loaded Apache Helicopters
12 standard empty 20′ shipping containers 
23 Mini Cooper cars
4,500 long tailed Macaques 
44,700 serves of Singapore chili crab
67,000 Singapore Slings

times on an average day that people in Singapore mention something about food, or eating in general, onTwitter alone. That is one tweet on average every 5 seconds.
**Singaporeans LOVE food

Minutes Singaporeans spend watching YouTube videos every month.
This equates to:
45,605,031 hours
1,900,210 days
271,459 weeks
5,220 years 

What habits have we formed?
What are we doing with our time?

Data above is from:
The 2012 Rock Publicity Singapore Social Media Study, Rock Publicity – Social Media Consulting


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