Where and aware

Silly story about silly me.

I was on the bus on my way to the showcase of my group’s new single at “all about eve*
Wonderful people that allowed us to use the place.

So, there I was in the bus practicing my harmony. I was singing/humming “closer to me”. Only now did I realise that I was probably the reason why the aunty stood up and took another seat in the bus.

Imagine this.
This girl singing on the bus – puzzled.
And she is singing “closer to me” – oh man she must be mad.
I would have chosen another seat.

How aware are we to where we are? Just the other day, I saw parent playing on a tablet and his kid in the iphone.  Thats the idea of family bonding. OR parent on the phone while he walks his kid around the sea aquarium.  I have never seen such a bored kid just walking. walking. WALKING in a place with so many beautiful creatures. 

It really is a pity how technology takes over our time spent with each other.
When was the last time friends sat down at a table without fishing out the phone? 
When was the last meal a family sat down to enjoy each other’s company instead of the tv?
When was the last time we sat down to listen to another’s day?

We choose to keep in touch with our friends thru technology but it has turned to TOUCH AND GO.

When was the last time I freaked a person out by humming a strange phrase?  Today.


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