Your answer to all your questions is google.

You can’t smoke your way out anymore cuz you can find all the answers in Google.

My friend was sharing this phrase that she remembered from the movie, the Internship. *I really want to watch it, haven’t found the time to* All the answers are there on ‘the’ line.

For me, my favorite answer when friends ask me questions is “Let me Consult my iPhone.” Of course, when I moved on to Samsung, the answer became “Let me consult my Samsung”. Yes, not as catchy as iPhone. That’s my “favorite” answer.

Thinking deeper. If there is an answer to solve all your problems. What is it? What is the answer that you would give to your friend when they come crying to you in the middle of the night? Where do you find answers when problems crop up?

What is your ONE answer to all problems?

For some people, it is time. For others, it is love. For others, it is science. Whatever your answer is, it reflects deeply on who you are and what you value. Sometimes, on the surface we are all for love, yet we turn to science for solutions. It is like those inspirational talk, family is the most important in my life, but I spend time of work and hell a lot of time on golf or TV.

What is your ONE answer to all your problems.


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