fans n friends n photos

My first impression of him – why does everyone want to take a picture with him? Then, I realized that he wrote a few famous songs. Songs that I have sung in karaoke sessions with my friends or heard my brother sing at home. Yes, classmates flocked to take a picture.

This same person has inspired me the most in the 6 months spent this course.

I had an opportunity to work with him to co-write with a contestant of Final1 – a Singapore talent competition. Being my first time at a co-write, I didn’t know what to expect. He was really nice to send me videos of co-writes and guiding me what to expect. Being classically trained and doing more orchestra and instrumentals, writing a pop song or song with lyrics is a whole new dimension. In orchestra or instrumentals, the focus is timbre of instruments (choice of instruments), chords, harmony and rhythm etc. Yet, all these are far too complex for a pop. TOO many chords changes, TOO many expected rhythm changes.

He challenged me – 4 chords and write a song. Sure! wouldn’t the listeners be really bored? I guess that’s where melody and lyrics come in.  

He presented his melody to the group. A melody so well written,  a story carved out nicely. I understood what it is like to beat up your song till you get your best. 

I am not sure what goes into his brain, analyzing songs… It is really educational just to hear him rant on music. Perhaps, being an arranger,  I pick up on instrumentation a lot faster. But to have another person’s perspective on the same song. It is lesson on its own. Why do we have a pre-chorus? Number of words used? and etc…
For me, my answer for it is – BY FEEL, no?

Crazy as he is, he can be humble enough to admit to things he is weak at and ask for help. Knowing learning as like any newbies to the music industry. All these things to marketing a song. Or talking sense to me when I was in a crazy mood. This is the song that we co-write. Melody Derrick Thiam, Lyrics Madeleine Tan, Jean Kyaw.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with him.

I am not the kind of person that likes to take idol-fan pictures. Today, if we were to take a photo, I know that we are friends.

P.s. another of my weird theories. I don’t think I will ever set up a fan page. Fans come and go. Friends stay. *assume you are a friend*.
So, who needs fans when you can have friends? I am so weird.

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