I am finally done with “the elegance of the hedgehog”. I have been posting quite a bit on it. The concierge intelligent, but conceals it keep her job. Yet, only one man recognize her. While other people see her as a concierge, any sign of intelligence is ignored. “They didn’t recognize me,” I say. I … More recongize

All the love

October is coming to an end. It has been a struggle dealing with just so much on my plate- grief, sickness, work, friends, commitments I remember talking to a friend, mr grumpy, what makes him mr happy. We have our way in coping.  I measure maddness with the amount of ice cream or macaroons I … More All the love

Lets drink Tea

Im here at paragon having tea with a friend. Seldom that in weddings that I do hit off with a fellow bridesmaid and still wanna keep in contact with her. She is like bubble tea. Bubble tea is a new fad in the couple of years in the asian country. Putting tea and flavoring into … More Lets drink Tea

Power of Perception

We can visualize a cat – and have seen it – in multiple angles from the front, behind, above and below. But when a person mentions the word “CAT”, we only perceive a cat from the front. That’s the power of perception. That’s our downfall if we are not objective enough. ~Madeleine Tan   Pretty … More Power of Perception

A dog

I have been reading Muriel Barbery’s book, The Gourmet. I really love how she decribes things. [A dog is an animal whose] tail keeps time with his emotion I am very tickled by things like that. The everyday things that we see but brought out in such a different light. I bet you didn’t know … More A dog