life and challenges musicians face


I read news on sara bareilles today on how she finally took courage to come out and do a tour. This is the final leg of the state wide tour. *a little envious, I wished I was there*. There are a lot of challenges that budding musicians face – endless ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ or how to come out of the clutter. Rough it out on YouTube or behind the van with your band?

my beautiful friend wrote a post on how it is like to date a musician. today, it’s my turn “Life as a musician with friends not in the industry”.

  •  When I ask friends for feedback on my music

The next 10 lines of the conversation would be “Yes, I know you have no music background.” “It’s okie!” “Music is for the masses.”
Yes! You don’t need a degree to listen to music. Music is for the masses. If the piece is so complicated, no one can understand it, who is going to listen to it? We are not all creators of music, we are definitely users of music.

  •   Does my feedback make musical sense

Don’t worry about what kind of feedback. I am sure any musician will know how to use what is said to make something good from it. I am pretty sure musicians use normal regular language. 

  • Why do u spend so much time on one piece. 

I have 4 versions of verse just for one song. Of course, it comes with 4 different lyrics. Finding and coming out with the right verse for the right chorus is always tough. Sometimes, it’s just a change of a note. Sometimes, it’s overhauled.
Let’s just look at Jason Mraz. He wrote songs. canned songs. edited them. only to produce the BEST for listeners. Every 13 song appeared in the album, 70 gets discarded.

  •  Can you play that piece? or write a song like xxx now?

I get this a lot as a keyboardist. Feels like a test – I’m going to play the piece once and you have to reproduce it. REALLY!!? Times like that I feel like a jude box. *DROP A COIN*
I don’t have amazing abilities to listen and play exactly. But I do pick up melodies pretty fast and play some random chords *make it sound that it*. I am sure that there are many out there that can, play it at once. I’m sure that there are others that can’t too. We are actually human.

Of course, unless you are Sara Bareilles. Sara’s producer decided that her album wouldn’t have enough ‘love songs’, and so told her to write one immediately if she wanted it to sell – and this was her response – LOVE SONG.

I hope this help you understand that strange musician friend, or quirky musician brother/sister. For brownie points, the best compliment you can give a musician – the music made me feel xxx (a certain way) …

Of course, the best way get slap by musician friend – I illegally downloaded your music.

Have a good day.




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