from a woman to the human beings out there.

I happen to view this video from my friend’s page. I really don’t know how to react to it. Who’s fault is it when something bad happens? In the video, rape is the woman’s fault. I understand the use the sarcasm in making the video. Yes, compared to direct message, sarcasm is remembered for a longer time. But often of not, sarcasm falls thru, especially when the sarcasm is not clear. 

I hope this saddens you

44% of victims are under age 18
80% are under age 30
Every 2 minutes, someone in US is sexually assaulted
Every year, there are about 207,754 victims of sexual assaults
54% of sexual assaults are not reported to police
97% of rapist will never spend a day in jail
Approximately 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.

 taken from:

Sad as it may seem, this page made my day. 

It is a woman’s responsibility to dress herself in the morning. It is your responsibility to look at her like a human being regardless of what she is wearing. 

See more at:

How often do we treat the opposite sex as an object? Or do we see them as a fellow human beings with feelings? 

One step further, how often do we treat people around us only for their usefulness? Do we only talk to our friends or colleagues when we need their assistance? Have we only boiled down to our usefulness, work we can produce? Are we loved / loving because simply who we are? 

A woman, or any human being, should not have to dress to get your attention. You should give them the full attention they deserve simply because they are a fellow human being.


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