Learning to wait

Yes, the wait is killing me. Watching and waiting situations happen instead of reacting to it drives us mad.

Yet, sometimes, over-reacting OVER KILLS the situation. Often, our initial actions *because of our lack of patience to wait* achieves nothing. Yes, it may look good, it doesn’t kill us as much but all the effort for nought.

The book “art of thinking clearly” defines it as
Action bias: look active, even if it achieves nothing.

We often over compensate in our actions with situations are new of unclear. Yet, experience will tell us that there is time for action and the rest of the time to learn to wait. Maybe, busy our lives with other stuff.

Charlie Munger,is an American business magnate, lawyer, investor, and philanthropist, sums it up

“We’ve got … discipline in avoiding just doing any damn thing just because we can’t stand inactivity.

Time will tell what waiting is worth.

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