when a child gives you a candy …

Today, I taught the parents music and movement. Yes! The parents pretended to kids and experience what their kids learn in class. I was sharing with the parents what I observed in their kids.

One kid has a certain habit of ‘offering’ me the ‘strawberry’ from her strawberry printed clothes. I asked the parents this question … “When your child gives you a candy, what would you do?”

(i) take the candy and return to your child
(ii) take the candy and put into your mouth.

Well, I will take the candy and put it into my mouth. The reason is in the definition of giving.

Giving is freely transferring a possession of (something) to (someone)

What are we teaching the kids if we take the candy and returning it to your child? How are we define giving in such a way? Are we giving the message that “I want a candy in return”. An equal gift as return.

What is giving in the modern world? It is said that of the scent that lingers on the hand on the giver. If there is happiness in giving, why are we unhappy? What is wrong in our giving that we don’t experience the joy it brings.

The answer is still in the definition. Often, we expect the receiver to reciprocate the gift with a certain action. An action that matches the implicit value of the gift. Of course, when that fails
(i) when the receiver did not reciprocate
(ii) when the reciprocated gift does not match up to the value.
.. the person who gives feels unhappy.

How to be a happy giver? Check our intention of giving. Why do we give? And do we truly give free – out of the depths of our hearts for the love of others?

Freely give.

The scent of the rose always lingers in the hand of the giver

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