Lets drink Tea

Im here at paragon having tea with a friend. Seldom that in weddings that I do hit off with a fellow bridesmaid and still wanna keep in contact with her.

She is like bubble tea. Bubble tea is a new fad in the couple of years in the asian country. Putting tea and flavoring into a cocktail bottle shaking it to form bubbles.  Consumers have the option of adding jelly n other stuff into the drink.

She is like bubble tea. Refreshing… compared to many friends, it is okay to be different.  I have been brought up differently… being an asian, brought up in my own country but by parents who do not have much asian concepts.  We go for picnics in the park. Fly kites there. Camp in our living room.Memorize poems as a ticket to play at the playground. Not asian. She makes it okay to be not asian.

She is like bubble tea. Sugar rushed. Funny. Exciting. More importantly,  she has tea. She is tea. She is no minor beverages. In the high n lows, in all random flavors, she sees greatest in small things.

That’s the beauty of her.

How can we empty ourselves? How do we embrace the openness to see and accept the beauty around.


If we are what we eat/drink,
Then, Let’s drink tea.

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