how do we explain this

i’m on my way to thailand… just a short post on All Saint’s Day on a special group of children …

my BFF sent me this link to the video of a father’s letter to his down-syndrome daughter. i have been lucky to have taught a few down syndrome children in my class. they are the most loving children out there. never gave problems and always ready for a hug.

Check out the video: 
Father’s letter to his down syndrome daughter

what broke my heart?
when the guy asked what was the father’s greatest fear? For him was to face comments from people and one day have to explain to her daughter why she is different. maybe i have never been in such a position to have to explain.

if today, i have to explain this to my child, how would I do? how do I explain the physical traits and intellectual challenges my child would face…
Just take one minute to think about it

To Parents with Down Syndrome Children,
you guys are amazing.  it is an uphill task. I admire the strength that you bare to love and care for your child.

Truly, they are very special people. Beyond physical and intellectual challenges, your children are love in the purest form. No dirty, malice or anything can touch them. They are ever so willing to love others as well as to receive love. They are beautiful.

I pray on this special day that God will grant all parents with the strength to love and care for your child.

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