power of superheros

I was talking to an amazing friend. He has super powers – a little iron man.
Doesn’t sleep much.
Have an amazing skill to write songs.

So I was thinking to myself, YEAH! If I had super powers, what would it be? Or at least, what would I choose to have?
Fight for world peace? Strive for equality? Protect the marginalize? Help the poor? Help those who are poor in spirit and spread some love?
Feels like a lot to do?

Truth is we already have that POWER WITHIN US. POWER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, just with small acts of kindness.





8 thoughts on “power of superheros

      1. Yeah! I am sure that there are plenty out there that are making a difference.

        Maybe one day leaders would be able to see
        the interest of the world instead of just a country
        the people they are fighting for instead of just sending people to fight

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