God makes crooked paths straight.

Hello there,

Im back from my short trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand has changed a fair bit since the last time I was there. The air is a lot better. It is still really hot there, the jam is still amazing.

There was a paritcular situation that really struck me. As I going up the overhead bridge to the mall, I saw an man carrying a lady up the bridge. The man was early 50s and the lady was late 20s and was mental challenge. He was panting with each step going up.
He took one step at a time. Resting between steps.

First thoughts I had was … so, one of those guys who leave people to beg for money. Streets of Thailand are often littered with undernourished children n elderly begging on behalf of syndicate. These syndicate “bring” children from Cambodia and other neighboring countries to Thailand, which has higher tourist traffic.

My first thought was… so, one of those guys who leave their people to beg for money. Then I heard the lady laughing. The lady, who was being carried up, was laughing, giggling, happy.

Right on top of the overhead bridge was the elderly lady.

Oohh! Nice. My guess is probably the same as yours.

That moment, my thoughts changed. It must be hard on that elderly man lifting the weight of his daughter? It brought me back to the my previous post on “How do we explain this – Father’s letter to his down syndrome daughter“. How many more moons before he is unable to care for her?

Yet, when I heard her laugh, my heart was lifted. These are moments of happiness that can not be replaced nor forgotten. When all things fail and pass, moments of happiness of being carried in the arms of someone that loves you is still beautiful.
*As I write this, the lady who is seated in front of me is wear a tee that says “MOMENTS OF HAPPINESS”*

crooked path straight

How many times have we smile and laugh and enjoyed ourselves? I am not talking about indulgence. But the simple pleasure of being happy and comfortable with oneself or the people around? Or just taking stock of the blessings that we have? Perhaps just laughing off a mistake? 

When was your last moments of happiness?
I hope it is today. 

I had a minor panic attack in class. The 4 year kid in my class said he wanted to eat a gun. But it in his mouth and shoot. I nearly died!
Then I realize that it is a toy.

BUT SERIOUSLY, why buy a toy gun candy? I am okay with gun that you shoot people with. At least the kid knows that when you shoot, someone gets injured. (Cause-effect is clear). But for toy gun candy, you shoot and died. There is no candy in that.
Parents … ! Argh…! Helps …!

I wouldn’t be so worried if he was a Singaporean kid. Gun are not available. But the kid is not…

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