I puked on my parade

On the last night at Bangkok, my friends celebrated my birthday with wine, sushi, cake, snacks and MACAROONS. Guess what, I was down with migraine.

I haven’t been sleeping much the couple of days. The workaholic part of ME is back. I actually have to set an alarm to remind myself to sleep. Yeah.. insane! Plans to rest more in Bangkok is impossible.

On the last night, my birthday night, I felt queasy. I had nuts and puked it. Had sushi and puked it. Had miso soup and puke. I tried to eat something in order to take medication but it is hard to keep anything in my stomach. I was running in and out of the toilet.

Yes. I puked on my parade.

Lesson learnt
1. Having good health is great. That’s the most obvious. 

2. Toilet bowl with vengeance. 
I was trying to entertain myself while I was puking. Totally self-sufficient… I love entertaining myself. I was thinking of a cold/cheezy joke.

What is worst that puking?


The toilet puking out your puke. Hee! *Totally lame*
We have been in situations that is less desirable or doesn’t fall into our expectations.  How do we react to it? Some elders in aged homes wail and scream. Others bear the pain. Some smile and laugh. How do we react or choose to react?

Similarly,  when others “puke” on us, do we puke back? Do we accept their puke?

What is the intention for our actions? If we puke back, do we do it as a brotherly correction or do we return it for the love of tit-for-tat?
If we accept, is it to escape uncomfortable confrontation or do we do it with understanding and love?

In our choices, who do we love?


After the whole puking incident, I curled up like a little kitten and fell asleep. When I woke up 2 hrs later,  the party was over. All cleared up. All the entertainment that my friends were gone to waste. But, we were all happy.

3. Friends that allow me to be me
I am glad that I have friends that I can comfortable with. I don’t need to put a face or pretend to enjoy myself when I don’t. Friends that can accept me for being less than perfect. To me, thats the best present. 

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