Lose oneself for a better us

We look at the successful people and marvel at what they have achieved. They have it all. Behind it, it is a series of NEVER GIVE UP, FIGHTING ON, BREAKING WALLS. Overcoming challenges a step at a time. an action at a time. an answer of “YES” each time. Strangely, our world focuses on achievements instead of the hard work and sacrifices one has to make. It gives us a fallacious view of the world.

It is like I want to be a SUPERHERO, but I don’t want to train up/control my powers. I want to keep my status quo. I want to uphold my comfort zone.

Life is an art piece. We have work to make masterpiece of this life. I wanna live it in a way that I have regrets. To the point that, I will choose to do the same thing I did the next life (if there was one).

Time to Stop being Clark Kent and PULL OUT SUPERMAN.
The note that we wrote on our resolution. That dance lesson that we wanna take. That dream vacation just to put down everything and read a book. The good that you wanna do, but you are just too shy. YOUR stories that can build others.

Step out of your comfort zone.
Reach out to people around you. There is so much to do for the people out there. One day at a time, one fight at a time, one punch at a time.

Lose yourself and re-
Discover a superhero in you!


Death is the reason we are more alive.


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