action, reaction, interaction

Yesterday at mass, I was reminded again how our how every action, reaction, interaction has its repercussion.

Archbishop Goh related an example,
” Suppose the altar server made a mistake, I was angry and gave his slap. The altar server would be mad. He might leave the church. He probably would hate the church and defame it. He might join bad company to rebel. Imagine he might just peddle drugs, steal money, kill and murder and the list goes on.”

Yeah! Slippery slope.

Suppose that action was one of the many actions that formed Hitler to who he is. Yes, we all know that Hitler made a mistake, was slap and left. That course of action has its place in history.

Likewise, christian or not, we know of the widow’s mite – story where by a widow gave her 2 small coins. It was her all. But, look at her place in history.

Every interaction, action, reaction has it’s place in history. We, sometimes, do good. Yet, sometimes we hurt.

When our lives are through,
when we look at each course of action,
may we take comfort to say that we spend more time building, creating, reforming people than to destroy and tear people down.
we take our place in history.


Ripples are HUGE


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