Sock n underwear or TV.. what would you wish for?

I was so touched when I saw this Westjet Christmas Miracle. The biggest surprise came when the family received a TV that they asked for. Check it out before reading … *hee* We have read a million articles on giving. In my church community,  we have this project – the gift we want to … More Sock n underwear or TV.. what would you wish for?

King of the forest

One day, lion asked the monkey, “who is the king of the forest?” The monkey answered,  “it’s you lion.” The lion then asked the zebra. And the zebra still asked,  “it’s you lion.” The lion finally asked the elephant, ” who is the king of the forest? ” The elephant picked the lion up and … More King of the forest

measure of a MAN

I asked the class who’s a boy n who’s a girl. 2yr old  didn’t put up his hand. And I asked why “I’m a MAN” Kids! They do grow up really fast. How do you measure of a MAN? It reminds me of Clay Aiken’s song. How do you measure of a WOMAN? Or what makes an … More measure of a MAN