measure of a MAN

I asked the class who’s a boy n who’s a girl. 2yr old  didn’t put up his hand. And I asked why

“I’m a MAN”

Kids! They do grow up really fast. How do you measure of a MAN? It reminds me of Clay Aiken’s song. How do you measure of a WOMAN? Or what makes an adult, an adult. There probably isn’t a true measure of a Man, Woman or Adult.

The only one I can think of, is that adult would understand that the world doesn’t evolve around them. Kids 2 to 3 years would have the “I” and “my way” issue. They want things their way and expect that everyone plays within their rules. (whereby they are always the winer). Of course, as they will soon realize they are a part of a bigger environment.

So when I see adults behaving like they own the universe and expects everyone to live with his rules, in my mind …. He’s only 2.  *I’m mean*

How do you measure a Man (Woman/Adult)? It is the person you aim to be. You are your own measure.


Just a funny thing before I go:
The older class commented that there were only 5 boys and 1 girl in my class. So I asked, “what about me?” They concluded, you’re a teacher!

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