King of the forest

One day, lion asked the monkey, “who is the king of the forest?”
The monkey answered,  “it’s you lion.”

The lion then asked the zebra. And the zebra still asked,  “it’s you lion.”

The lion finally asked the elephant, ” who is the king of the forest? ” The elephant picked the lion up and threw him into the sky. When the lion woke up in his confusion, the liom commented,  “Elephant,  if you don’t know the answer,  there is no need to be angry.”

When we are so caught up in “us”, we lose reality of who we really are.
1. Pride blinds ourselves from where we stand. We tend to put ourselves higher than we really are. 
2. Pride blinds us from the talents of others.

The funny thing is that the next person is egoistic and proud. Never us.

Egoists do not meet.  They collide.

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