Enjoy Yourself, Yourself

A phrase that we often say to people, “Hey there, enjoy yourself.” How do we understand the phrase “Enjoy yourself”?

Enjoy the ice cream. Simply means to enjoy the ice cream. Enjoy the cold ice cream in the hot summer day. Enjoy the sweetness of the ice cream as it tease your taste buts. Enjoy the crunchy nuts, cookie and rainbow sprinkle, bringing a new texture to the smoothness in the cream.

Enjoy yourself. Simply means to enjoy yourself. Not at all in the sad way of “I-rule-the-world”. But enjoy the company of being yourself. Enjoy yourself as you rediscover yourself growing in different situations. Enjoy your strength and weaknesses and knowing that you are okay just the way you are.

I am tall enough for me.
I am pretty enough for me.
I am slim enough for me.
I am talented enough for me.


Enjoy yourself.
*The company of other person is always a beautiful bonus.


photo from: http://newvaluestreams.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/child-eating-cake-and-ice-cream.jpg


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