Sock n underwear or TV.. what would you wish for?

I was so touched when I saw this Westjet Christmas Miracle. The biggest surprise came when the family received a TV that they asked for.

Check it out before reading … *hee*

We have read a million articles on giving. In my church community,  we have this project – the gift we want to offer to Jesus.

As I was reflecting on that, I found myself also asking – what is the gift I want to receive the most?

In the Westjet Christmas Miracle, many people ask for different things. They hold different expectations whether or not Santa will come. The children asked with such openness for the dream game console.  The family asked for TV. And a particular guy asked for sock and underwear. 

He really wanted sock and underwear
Or he asked for it just for fun
Or maybe he asked for it with no expectation.

But I am sure if he knew that it would come true,  he wouldn’t ask for mere socks and underwear (unless he really has no time to get them on his own)

If god wants to give you a gift this Christmas,  what would you ask for? Will we ask for TV or sock n underwear? 
What attitude would we have? Will we ask with openness and trust that the gift would be given?

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