After weeks of working on it, my new EP, BeLOVED, is out on Bandcamp! (On iTunes later).

CD Cover

The album is titled BeLOVED as a beautiful reminder to all that we are all someone’s beloved. It is blessing to be able to accept love and to be loved. Most importantly, to be able to comfortable to accept that Me as Me.

The path as a musician is really tough. Path is too narrow and trenches too deep. To stand firm on this road, I am grateful to God who always supply every need. Friends and family who always lead a helping ear. And all of you out there who have journeyed with me. Thank you!

One of the songs in my EP in inspired by my recent post on September 11. I decided to write “A Bittersweet September” and submit it for an Asian competition (I didn’t get in). In the midst of scoring and arranging it, my grandfather pass away. This song is really close to my heart. The struggles of love, especially when loving is letting go. Bittersweet.

This is my Christmas present to all of you who have been following my post. Email me at with your email or word press url for verification and I’ll send you the code for digital download of that song.

Merry Christmas

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