Bare Necessity

I was reflecting on the bible passage on “Satan Tempts Jesus”. I took interest in the 3 questions that Satan asked. 1) If you are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread. 2) If you are the Son of God, throw Yourself down (from the pinnacle of the temple). 3) All these … More Bare Necessity

Clenched fist

I was watching Korean show with my mum last night. The show was about 2 daughters that were being switched at birth. One was delivered to a poor family and one to a rich family. When the truth was revealed, the girl who lived her life as a ‘princess’ had a hard time adjusting. She … More Clenched fist

Roots and Wings

Lovely article written by CorrineMay. Indeed our family gives us roots and wings. My family has been my strength to seek out my purpose, comfortable just to be who I am, and wings to soar further. via Roots and Wings: Family Ties.


No one get into a marriage thinking that my partner is the wrong person for me. Instead, everyone dates the right person. everyone gets into a marriage with the right person. Well, we change! He/she changed. Accepting changes, taking time to understand each other and continue to choose to love the person deep inside.  

giving space

first day of school for me. i am really excited. i haven’t seen them since november. we had a good rapport going last year. i can’t wait to see how they have grown. unfortunately, it was a little harder than i thought. the new kids started crying. all the routine had to be re-established. where … More giving space

there will never be one victim in a murder case

Today is my “self-proclaimed” day off. Been working on the Ricky Martin’s FIFA World Cup song. I have been watching Bones. I love crime and investigation movies/shows. The kind that would tease your brains a little. Just a little after thoughts about all the murders. There will never only be one victim in a murder … More there will never be one victim in a murder case