Stones incoming ….!

It’s coming.

Winner Maire throws 83.5 kg heavy stone during stone throwing competition at Unspunnen festival in Interlaken

And our reaction is to …?

1. Close our eyes and duck
2. Open our eyes and see where it is going and then decide

For me, I am really bad at catching stuff so naturally, I would close my eyes and duck. Truthfully, even if I do close my eyes, does it mean that the stone would not hit me? Or will the stone naturally avoid me?

Of course not.

That’s the same logic when problems (stones) that come our way. Closing our eyes and pretending that it is not there will not help in the situation. Issues will continue to grow (most of the time, grow out of hand). Yet, facing the problems TRUTHFULLY, as it is, gives us a clearer picture to make a better decision. To duck, to wait, to react, to catch, to push, etc. In anyway, it’s a decision made with clarify in truth.

Clarity, truth, facing up to issues will  bring growth within the person. That’s how we become wiser. Next time someone throws a stone, open your eyes and then decide.

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