there will never be one victim in a murder case

Today is my “self-proclaimed” day off. Been working on the Ricky Martin’s FIFA World Cup song. I have been watching Bones. I love crime and investigation movies/shows. The kind that would tease your brains a little.

Just a little after thoughts about all the murders. There will never only be one victim in a murder case. Of course, the family members will suffer the loss of that family member. The motive and reason {To get more money for the family/ protect the girl} will continue to haunt the people who live. The other spectrum of things, family members of the murderer, living thru shame and later, their loss of their family member.

One death and many are dying.

Yet on death, there are so many ways of dying – Words, tongue, etc. The weapons easily available social media, “likes” or dis-likes, harsh words. Still cause death in esteem, in confidence, in self-worth.

Life is small and fragile. Still our lives are a subset of others. We are never alone. It is beautiful to know how we are part of everyone we cross path with.

May we bring light and life to the people we meet.



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