short term solution to long term problems

I played in a retreat over the weekend. There was good times and bad. I was reflecting just after the retreat if I would continue to play if required. Playing the piano/keyboard is such a common skill, but there is only 2 keyboardist in the retreat centre. Our workload is crazy enough. So would I continue to play, in addition to the work that I have?

I asked myself this,

“Lack of keyboardist is a long term problem. Am I a short term solution or long term solution to that problem?”

In the long term situations, sometimes the solution we have on our sleeves may not be the best. like “Let’s pretend and forget about it” or cold war. Yes, such actions help to resolve pressing issues but it is never a solution. It is temporary painkiller but never a solution.

In my situation, is my good intention of helping in a retreat … is it a ST/LT solution? The intention is good. Has it made others lazy – to train new keyboardist? Has it given others a chance to rise up to the occasion?

It is a good time to reflect on our actions, intentions and effects. I am no longer interested in being a short term solution to a long term problem. If there is a long term solution, I am happy to be a part of it.



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