assumption is like ..

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster at the retreat that I was playing. I made some decisions regarding the band and the overall in-charge wasn’t happy. She kind of gave it to me. I was really hurt by her actions.

I can understand that we have different views. I respect that. Yet, I wished she has taken the time to listen on the decision that I make. Instead of making the assumption that I made it out of folly. Sometimes, I really wonder what kind of strange assumptions people have.

Assumption is something taken for grant. In Math or Science, assumption helps to simplify certain situations so we can make sense of the surrounding. I guess that’s what happens when we assume we understand certain situations or people, it  cause a lot of misunderstanding.

Let’s leave assumptions to math and science and sit down and get to know people around.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 12.22.25 PM

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