Be Patient in Wasting Time






inner peace


I have been put in charge of a project that I know will fail. But being respectful of the boss, I am trying to get it the best I got, yet, at the same time, things are not going well (since I already guess that it will fail). I feel a little like the picture above.

It takes a lot of patience in wasting time. It is like a butterfly coming out from its cocoon, there must be opportunities to struggle and learn, the butterfly strengthen its wings. Yet, for the bystanders, this act of “wasting time” is necessary. If help is given to the butterfly, these wings would not strengthen and the butterfly would not be able to fly.


As much as it is grace to emerge as a changed person,

Waiting for change to happen is another grace itself.


Till then, be patient in wasting time.



Dried acorn

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