Clenched fist

I was watching Korean show with my mum last night. The show was about 2 daughters that were being switched at birth. One was delivered to a poor family and one to a rich family. When the truth was revealed, the girl who lived her life as a ‘princess’ had a hard time adjusting. She was resentful of the new situation. Resentment is a really interesting feeling. It is kept in the depths of one’s heart that no one knows what is going on. All the negativity building up and what is seen on the surface is just disgruntles. No one knows the depth of darkness that lies within.



The father of the rich girl said, “Stop clenching your fist. Whether you decide to shake hands or to slap the other party, you need to first open your palms.” Instead of allowing the darkness to destroy you from within, open your heart (palms) and accept that you have been hurt and are vulnerable. Then decide your path – to shake hands or to slap the other party. At the end of the day, we are all vulnerable and seeking to protect ourselves.

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