DAY 1: Aware of the hand of God

I am starting on this new initiative to be more aware of the hand of God in my life. I am posting it hoping it will help edify your faith


Day 1

Yesterday, I was at my friend’s hen’s night at Dempsey Hill. Dempsey is super FAR up in the hill. Totally impossible to get a cab without calling for one. I was mildly complaining to God, how far it is and asked (like those passing statement) for a ride home. 

A few of the guest started to leave. I continued to sit there chatting with  the bride to be. I just randomly asked one of the bridesmaid for a lift outside to get a cab or train. It turns out that we are staying in the same area.

She asked, “which street?”
I replied, “Ave 5, near the mall”.
Ave 5 is a really tiny street and most people do not know where it is. 
She replied, “Right! I stay there too!”

Same area, same street! By now, the remaining guest were teasing us about the coincidence. What are the chance. Who know it might be the same block???!?

Guess what!

Totally creepy. I have stayed there a good part of my life and I have never seen her before. (She stays in a different level). I am grateful for the lift home. I felt really blessed for God hears that little grumbling of mine.


This is a pretty beautiful (though creepy) first post!

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