Day 4 – The push

I had pretty interesting lesson the other day. One of the kids in my class, Sam, refused to take his nap. When the rest of the class is up for tea, he was still sleeping.

I usually come slightly earlier, during their teatime, to hang out with the kids so they will warm up to me before class. Poor Sam was still sleeping. In the I-am-still-very-tired sort of whim, he said, ” Yes, I still want to attend the lesson.”

There he was sitting on the floor with a pout, during class. Of course he wasn’t ready to participate. Then, THE PUSH. Seeing that his friends are having so much fun – running, jumping – he stood up and push one of the other kids. Sam sat down crying.

One of those bad days.

I was reflecting on that incident
1. Am I the green-eye monster sort? Pushing others or dampening their moods when I am not having fun?
2. Am I the forgiving sort? Knowing that people have issues, do I readily forgive them, just like the kid?
3. Am I easily affected by the mood swings of others?
4. Am I ready for ‘lesson’? Or am I distracted and doing the wrong things at the wrong time, thus losing opportunities?

Kids are amazing. They bring to light a lot that is within us. Just before I go, this is a song by CorrineMay, Green-eyed Monster. Have a lovely weekend.


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