Day 8 – Love that Completes and not Competes

Over the weekend, I attended the wedding of my friend. One lovely thing that the Justice of Peace said was to ensure “Your love completes and not compete.”

I have met several married couples  who are quite the opposite from their spouse. The hubby can be dramatic sort. He comment, “Oh my dear, you managed to kill such a huge cockroach. I have never seen such a huge cockroach before.” The wifey would be rolling her eyes. The cockroach is only 1inch.

I had to ask how did she stand all the drama? She said, “I guess it is good. imagine if both of us is the most down to earth person and not-dramatic, the kids would be bored to death.” It took a lot of wisdom and LOVE to see through it. It is so much easier to see it as a weakness or annoyance.

When the relationship boils down to a competition, it is always about winning and not about seeing the good in others. Sometimes, winning is pretty selfish act where winner gets it all. I have the right trait and you have the wrong or undesirable trait.

Differences between the COMPLETES and COMPETES, “L” is missing

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