Day 14 – Prayer v.s. Wishing

I was taking stock of my prayer life. And how/what I prayed. I noticed a change in my prayer style. It starts with bible passage and reflection of it. Compared to the past, I hardly prayed about things that I want. Like my friends would pray for work, for love, for life, for everything under the sun.

I remember during a church camp. We were asked what was God to us. My answer, “WISHING WELL or a VENDING MACHINE.” Drop a pray/coin and it gets answered. My prayer would be similar to wishing.

Through the years, praying becomes more accepting than wishing. Learning to accept the outcome of life. Things that are spinning out of control, and learning to come to terms that someone else is holding on to that steering wheel.

Frankly, that is no child’s play.
Trusting can only be done when you truly know who holds tomorrow.

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