Day 15 – Hero or Villain

“People love super heroes.  It’s true we’re  impressed by their bravery and fortitude, their supernatural gifts and physical brawn.  But the fact is, villains possess these same qualities.  So why our admiration for the hero and not the nemesis?  Because of virtue.   A super hero gives everything to defend what’s good and right without seeking praise or reward.  Think about it.  All the great heroes give without taking; help without grumbling; sacrifice without asking recompense.  A super hero’s real strength, what we absolutely fall in love with, is his finer virtue.”
― Richelle E. GoodrichSmile Anyway

Sometime last week, Indonesia decided to name their warship after their war hero, Usman Mohamed Ali and Harun Said. The same 2 person, who bombed Singapore in the 1960s.

The period of Konfrontasi, between 1963 and 1965, was a violent chapter in Singapore’s history. This was when Indonesia launched an “undeclared war” to oppose the creation of Malaysia, which included Singapore.

But it was the MacDonald House bombing by two Indonesian marines in 1965 that sealed the memory of the dark period for Singaporeans. Three people were killed and 33 others injured. The two marines, Usman Mohamed Ali and Harun Said, were found guilty and hanged in 1968. Despite pleas for clemency from then Indonesian President Suharto, Singapore went ahead with the hanging.

Hero or Villain? It boils down to the which side we are on?

If we can look carefully, beyond boarders of our countries and beyond air spaces, we are all on the same side. The side of being HUMAN.  Maybe one day we will see a leader rising up. A leader that views all the country as its own.

Till then, it is a game of power.
A military strategy.


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