Day 16 – Your Treasure

At 32, she is married with 2 boys. Married and moved to a male dominated country with no financial independence. She has been a stay-home mum for the past 3 years. Coming from a country that strives towards equality between both genders. Females having financial independence. All these are very different from the life that we ‘expect’ or thought of in our mind.

In a similar way, I understand how it feels. Seeing how much financial independence our fellow friends have. Admiring their success in the academic field as well as in status. Perhaps, all these ‘success’ we would not enjoy. Similarly, these friends admire our ‘guts’ to drop everything for love, for passion, for music, for family, for children and the ‘glory’ of FOLLOWING YOUR HEART, taking the path untravelled.

We are all essentially striving for our treasure. Things we hold dear. Things we want to protect and build.

Each treasure has its space and place in time.

To have simple thing that we want to strive for,
we are blessed in our special way.


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