Day 18, 19 & 20 – Strength of a parent

I missed a day.

I read this article on Sunday and wanted to share this with all of you. A couple lost their son in a gang fight. It is not common in Singapore to have gang fight. Darren, 19 years old, was hacked to death.

It is such a real story about coping with grief. I, too, am coping with grief with my grandfather gone. It sometimes feels so surreal. We celebrate yet another Lunar New Year, but our family feels incomplete. Being bed ridden and unable to join in much of the festivities, my grandfather was always there.

The struggles of anger and
coming to terms with what we might not have,
treasuring the memories we have.

It is never easy.

There will be a day we can all come to terms with what is lost and draw strength from it, just like the example of Darren’s parents.


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