Day 22 – Footprint

No footprint is to small to leave an imprint.


I managed to steal some time for mum. I see her wrinkled face as she talks about the past and present. Walking around the mall and picking up stuff as we go along.  Just sitting down for lunch is refreshing, though we do stay in the same house. Just to be out of the normal context. I watched her struggle with her order. Even if the fish is just to spicy, she will just try to eat it anyway (and admire how well season the fish is).

I was reminded of the everlasting love of God. A love that corrects. A love that is kind. As much as God punishes David, yet, He still loves.

psalm 89 – My loving kindness I will not utterly take from him.


I wonder how many years do I have with her.
Enjoying this moment.

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