Birds in the sky

Today is a really tough day. There is a certain deficit in my love bank. Certain work and groups of people zaps my energy/love bank. As much as I dont want to be seen as weak and uncooperative,  yet, I don’t have the energy to serve without feeling bitter.  I complain and cried in my … More Birds in the sky

Teaching or judging?

I have a really interesting week. I was put into situations that offered very different perception of things. I was talking to a friend. She had a great interest in opening a cafe. Our conversation lead to the newspaper article on art cafe. In Singapore, more and more cafes are opening. The latest trend is … More Teaching or judging?

Meeting my giant.

I have relief teaching in my primary school for the past few days. And today I met my giant. She was my mandarin teacher. Looks like incredible hulk and hulk hogan put together. It is no joke being in her class. She squeeze every single interest of mandarin DRY. Frankly,  THE every thought of her … More Meeting my giant.

Day 24 & 25

*breathe* I read this article on Eden. My heart breaks just reading it. The story of a sex slave about human trafficking. I wept just reading the article. Imagined myself as a sex slave. All the hopeless that one can feel. The only question in mind is,”Is it my turn next?” The stories once heard as … More Day 24 & 25