DAY 26 – monumental moments

“Monument Men” was pretty amazing. A story of war and saving art, perhaps something that is not often thought of in the times of survival. I enjoyed how their choose the screen play to be a little more light hearted, yet, not diluting the sacrificed of these people.

If I do get to pick a movie that describes my life, I would pick this show.

I have seen the art in museums. I am often left in awe. Yet, their place of protecting culture is pretty small in history (compared to finding Nazi gold or fighting battles in the forefront). It didn’t stop them from doing what they loved.

At times, this is how I feel.

This week is “career guidance week”. I spoke to a fellow music arranger. She started maybe 10 years younger. She is about the same age as me but has arranged for musicians, toured with artist, wrote musicals. Compared to many others who started music when they are younger, I have a long way to go. I wonder, in 10 years time, would I be able to achieve the same success as she did. I might not even have a place in Singapore’s music industry. By then, my hearing might have failed.

My place in history maybe small. That will not stop me from doing what I love.
To me, by saying ‘yes’ and pursuing all that is truly a grace from God.



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