Day 30 – Will you fight with me? (Final)

Today is the last day of my 30-day challenge to be aware of the hand of God in my life. Just before I started that challenge, I posted on the temptations of Jesus in the dessert. Yesterday’s read was just that – temptations of Jesus. It seems like a full circle.

Just like life and death is a circle. Over the weekend, Asia suffered a tragedy. One of the planes of the Malaysia Airline went missing. It left Malaysia, KL in the morning and was due to arrive in China, Beijing. It never arrived. Till today, the plane is still missing, though they saw fuel in the sea near the off-shore island of Vietnam.

In Narnia, my favorite part was during the battle with the white queen. Peter asked the centurion, “Will you fight with me?”
His answer, “Until death.”

Life in its vibrant party, while death is the unexpected guest. But there will be someone fighting with me. A fight until death. As much as there are uncertainties in life, there will be certainties. God



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