Meeting my giant.

I have relief teaching in my primary school for the past few days. And today I met my giant.

She was my mandarin teacher. Looks like incredible hulk and hulk hogan put together. It is no joke being in her class. She squeeze every single interest of mandarin DRY. Frankly,  THE every thought of her makes me cry.

For start, my mandarin is horrible. I can spend hours learning spelling but in class, it will be blank. Passing test has been depended on prayers and prayers alone. I remember how she would hold on to my belt and shake me (a very skinny girl moving like jelly) when I couldn’t answer her questions.  Imagine hulk hogan shaking the clothes and put them out to dry… clothes = me

Today when I saw her, she smiled at me.  Old lady, hunched back, smiled with such kindness back at me. I didnt see that giant but a human, just looking back at me.

And it is time to let it pass … all the fears, worries, intimidation, dislike.

It is time to let it go


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