Teaching or judging?

I have a really interesting week. I was put into situations that offered very different perception of things.

I was talking to a friend. She had a great interest in opening a cafe. Our conversation lead to the newspaper article on art cafe. In Singapore, more and more cafes are opening. The latest trend is art cafe, where you able to use the art materials to paint (w/o a teaching assistant) and have a coffee. Or you can just have a cuppa.

My friend who is interested in art, mentioned that she has a similar direction for her cafe. However, she has no intention of getting a teaching assistant. She feels that art is personal and they are all good. Why should anyone’s art be judged?

I was mildly shocked by her perception of things. I read the same article and wanted to try it out. One of the considerations is to HAVE A TEACHING ASSISTANT. At least, I believe that a teaching assistant could advise if I am stuck or help improve my strokes, color coordinations.

Judging or Teaching?
The world is a colorful place.

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