Birds in the sky

Today is a really tough day. There is a certain deficit in my love bank. Certain work and groups of people zaps my energy/love bank. As much as I dont want to be seen as weak and uncooperative,  yet, I don’t have the energy to serve without feeling bitter. 

I complain and cried in my prayer time
– why didn’t make you make me stronger?
– why did you make me so broken?

I had a certain peace at that moment. As though a moment, it is okay to be weak and broken. I dont really understand it. It seems okay to be like that.

In today’s class, kids and I pretended to be birds looking for worms.  I bought candy worms as an experience of being birds. As I open the packet of candy, the kids were all over – “ME”.

I had a glimpse of what it means by being a parent and feeding their young. Like God who provides for us… we are his young. And just depend on Him.

That is okay.


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