Merchant of Venice

I have been busy with the tech for merchant of venice (shakerspear in the park). I am really blessed to be working with this cast. I have seen the cast in cast (foot brace) & yet doing their best in their acting. As a fellow artist, I admire and salute to their passion and drive.  … More Merchant of Venice

3 miracles

I am feeling a little disappointed about the results. Felt that I have lost to fate. Something that I can’t control. Just a feeling of helplessness. Yet, yesterday something amazing happened. 1) Relationship with others It was palm sunday mass. Very hot and packed mass. This grandma came to sit at my row in the … More 3 miracles

Moments to remember

DEAR GOD, The weeks have been insane. I have entered 2 songs for a songwriting competition. Interestingly, the song that I’ve spent hours writing didn’t get it, while the song that I wrote in a whim did.The feelings of getting into the finals of this competition is a little complex, totally complex. The finals have … More Moments to remember