Moments to remember


The weeks have been insane. I have entered 2 songs for a songwriting competition. Interestingly, the song that I’ve spent hours writing didn’t get it, while the song that I wrote in a whim did.The feelings of getting into the finals of this competition is a little complex, totally complex.

The finals have come and gone. That chapter came and gone. I didn’t win. Yes, I was hoping to get at least 3rd. I really wanted my family to be proud of my achievements. I have done my best, just that luck wasn’t on my side.

I am blessed to have wonderful band members to play the song with. And a chance to sing and perform it too. It is my first time – singing and playing keyboards. I have now great respect for solo gigs. It is hard just singing into the mic, playing kb and engaging the audience.

I am grateful for this chance to be such a competition. I am not sure why the turns in these events. But I am sure you are in control.


Today is a day to remember.

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